AB part 2! This time focusing more on Alex cosplaying Tori.

Photographer : Tori Aoi :   Horizon Ariadust 

Alex your FACE

While talking to my sister, it occurred to me I never posted the photos from the shoot I did with her at Anime Boston last year. Time to remedy that, I think! 

Photographer : Horizon AriadustTori Aoi

Oh my gosh so sorry to you guys in the Homestuck group…I thought I posted those other photosets a few hours ago but they were saved to my drafts??? Have some photos! 

Anime Detour 2014

Photographer : Dirk : Jane : Roxy : Jake

I hate cars.

Anime Detour 2014. 
Some individual and candid shots!

Photographer : Dirk : Jane : Roxy : Jake

The aftermath.

Anime Detour 2014.
Smooches <3 Everybody wants a kiss from Roxy…sort of.

Photographer : Dirk : Jane : Roxy : Jake

We tried.

Finally getting around to uploading/sorting through my edits of the Homestuck photoshoot I did at Detour! They were a really fun group to work with, and I guess it’s appropriate I’m posting today since it seems to be an important date within the fandom?

More photos to come!

Photographer : Dirk : Jane : Roxy : Jake 

Not quite cosplay, but it’s still dressing up! My friend Stasia lookin’ fabulous at Anime Detour 2014.


Rachel as Riza Hawkeye from FMA! This crazy girl remade her jacket like 5 times no joke. Debuted at Anime Detour 2014.

Photographer : Riza Hawkeye


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